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STEP TP-202 (Used Machine)

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This TP-202 is a used machine that offers reliable performance and versatility. With a sturdy build and user-friendly interface, the TP-202 offers ease of use and precise control. Whether you need it for manufacturing, packaging, or other industrial processes, the TP-202 is a dependable choice that delivers consistent results.

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3,490.00 DKK

The STEP TP-202 is a very stable Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine that solves most needs for fast and simple bundling of items, securing boxes and giving them more stabillity.

• High engineering standard and simple design
• Easy operation, simple maintenance
• Hinged stainless steel top plate
• Mechanical outside tension control
• Rigid castors with brake
• Energy efficient, motor only runs as needed
• Reliable P.C. Board control
• Affordable for every budget
• Offer maximum total value among competing brands
• Proven quality

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