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STEP A333 Hand Strapping Tool


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Manual Sealless Hand Strapping Tool for Steel Straps. The Sealless Steel Joint reduces overall strapping costs by approximately 10% through the elimination of seals.

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STEP A333 Manual Sealess Strapping tool fo steel strap

Handy and Light Weight Sealless Combination Tool to Strap Flat and even round packages. Permits a very easy and efficient operation and outperforms other strapping tools by its ruggedness and its high reliability.


● Handy and Light Weight
● Portable and very Easy to Use
● Independent from Energy Source
● Ergonomic and Rugged Design
● Easy Strap Threading
● Sealless Joint Strapping

Strap Type Steel Strap
Strap Width 12mm – 16mm – 19mm
Strap Thickness 0.38mm – 0.58mm
Sealing Plombeløs, se ovenfor
Sealing Efficiency Approx. 80%
Netweight 3.9 kg


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