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STEP F900AC Tape & Standard Sew Bag Closing Machine



STEP F900AC tape and standard sew is a super heavy-duty, high-speed bag closing machine. It has a self-lubrication system that protects moving parts and ensure maximum productivity with low maintenance. Easily adaptable to your existing equipment, it can be used with standard two thread stitch or one thread stitch. It uses pneumatic cutting thread and tape.

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32,500.00 DKK


Model: STEP F900AC
Speed: 1900 rpm
Material Thickness: 8
Stitch: 7-12 mm
Stitch Type: 1 needle, 2 threads
Closure Type: Standard sew, Tape sew
Cutter Type: Auto scissors style
Tape Cutter: Auto scissors style
Air Pressure: 4
Air Consumption: 3.5
Net Weight: 33 kg
Gross Weight: 34 kg

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