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STEP Gummed Paper Tape


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The STEP Gummed Paper Tape is compatible for use with a wide variety of tape dispensers, ranging from manual hand dispensers to fully automated carton sealers. It has a strong adhesive power which allows for less tape usage but can still deliver high quality seals.

More details

STEP Gummed Paper Tapes
Compatible with a wide variety of surfaces and tape dispensers.

Tape Specifications

White Gummed Paper Tape:

• 90 grams
• 70mm x 200meters per roll
• 8 rolls per carton
• Will in most cases be back ordered

Brown Gummed Paper Tape:

• 70 grams
• 70mm x 200meters per roll
• 6 rolls per carton
• Typically on stock

product from (qty) PRICE at MOQ
STEP Gummed Paper Tape 120 -5%
STEP Gummed Paper Tape 384 -10%

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