Film Wrappers for Packaging of Food


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STEP DS-K500 Film Wrapper Manual



Energy saving film hand wrapper, operates without the use of electricity, suitable to use for packaging food to preserve the freshness taste, appearance and smell.

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STEP DS-K500 – is a food hand wrapper using 20” Film Wrap, product is made of Stainless-Steel outer housing. Cling Film is positioned inside the machine to keep parts clean and dirt free and to enhance freshness, taste, appearance and smell of food.


Available for PE, PVC film
Easy to operate, fast wrapping and time and energy saving
Outer housing is made of Stainless Steel, anti-rust material

Model DS-K500
Film Position Inside size 500mm x 500 meter
Machine weight 3.8 Kg
Dimension 540 x 215 x 175mm
STEP Item No. 49240502

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