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E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet Wrapper - Height Sensor

E3 Wrap 2100. The No Ramp - No Hill - No Blockage easy to use all round pallet wrapper.  The ECOFRIENDLY, ERGONOMICAL, ECONOMICAL solution  Light weight machine designed with 95% recycable materials. 


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E3 Wrap 2100 standard is the economical choice for those who want to take your manual wrapping to the network level! Designed with sustainable mindset as inspiration can go semi-automatic in your package and still think about the environment. Our rolls are not only meant to be CO2-friendly, they are also lightweight and easy to lift the user. Only 11 kg approximate ratio to a standard roll of 17 kg.

Standard brake pre stretch with photocell & height detection is included in standardversionen.For to get an extra pre stretch film of film around your pallet you can also choose the units PLUS 100, stretching the film 100% extra for a much tighter wraps. Stretching the plastic film also means saving material, as it will last longer! INCLUDED: Add to gather for beeing able to run with hand rolls as well!

Pallet height
Please select best option or contact us for adjustment. E3 Wrap 2100 is ideal for you to wrap 25-500 pallets per week and are compatible packaging standard pallets:

Euro pallet 800x1200 mm
US pallet 1000x1200 mm
Industrial pallet1350x950 mm

Maximum pallet 1200x1200x2280mm, for heigher pallets we have option of 2700mm and special on demand 

Electrical conncection: 110 V to 230 V, 60/50 Hz. EaSy to change via switch between 110V and 230V.

No ramp / turn plate is required, which means - no pushing or pulling the pallet up a hill. No roll away! The pallet can be placed directly on the floor - no maximum weight limit! With a built in safety feature machine will ensure stop if you or your staff would get in the way of the rotary arm when in motion. The lightweight design takes up very little space compared to other products on the market with the same kapacitet.For to help you get the most out of your machine includes a service contract to ensure your machines have a long life. The machines come without installation. If desired installation and / or a service contract, please contact us for more information on price and terms. We offer:

1 service visit per year, 24 month contract

The machine complies with CE, ROHS regulations.

Hallbrook E3 2100 Wrap Pallet Wrapper. The small investment - Making the big difference. This easy to install wall mounted stretch film wrapper does the job, fast and easy. It can wrap more than a 100 pallets in a work shift, saving you time and effort. No getting dizzy from using a traditional hand wrapper solution, just place the pallet, push the start button, come back after 1-2 minutes, cut the
film remove the pallet and place the next pallet. The arm wrapper can also be installed on floor stand as single unit or as duo giving the advantage of saving waiting time, always having a vacant position when coming with a new pallet.

No pushing the pallets up over any hills, they just stand directly on the floor, no tumbling of the goods when moving the pallet, the pallet stays horizontal. You can even pack the pallet in the wrap position, then just wrap it, when you are done. As it has no ramp that blocks the floor, you can drive directly under the machine. It can easily be placed in tight hallways. When parked, the E3 Wrap
2100 does not take up any space, less than 40 x 60cm.

The E3 Wrap 2100 uses the unique E3 wrap film concept, having 750mm wide film on ø38mm core, saving you film, transport cost and time. The film rolls are made so they weigh less than 12kg making them suitable for lifting daily in accordance with work regulations and labor demands to ease your back from heavy lifting. Each film roll is easily placed on the easy load film. The E3 Wrap 2100 is outfitted with Electrical connection: 1x230V 50Hz


For shipment: L2000xB200xH535, weight 50kg.

Installed: H2800xB2255xD2450mm/Ø2225mm

Space demand when parked: 400x600mm

Free height under the arm for driving through: 2280mm

Capacity and speeds:

Low pallet, approx.1000mm, approx. 55-60 seconds per pallet

High pallet, approx. 1800mm, approx. 105-110 seconds per pallet

Standard program wraps as follows:

Button wraps: 1 in the beginning and 1 at the end, 2 in total.

Top wraps: 1 top wrap

The standard program can be changed to alter the top and button wraps, in order to do this yourself you need to acquire a
programming cable item no. 95081884. Once purchased, a free download of software is included that you will need for programming the Mini PLC.

The machine is fitted with emergency stop safety system comprised of a unique 5 level safety system.

E3 Wrap 2100 Paller Wrapper

E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet wrapper. All included for complete DIY installation. Hallbrook E3 2100 Wrap can be placed in hallways and takes up little space when not in use for wrapping pallets. Definitely a great investment for your business.

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