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Retro Fit Scale for Strapping Machines

Scale for placing under the strapping table, making it easy to pack, strap and weigh in one operation saving time and your back.

Our Retro Fit Scale is built to work perfectly with the STEP TP-202 strapping machine. 


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Retro Fit Scale for placing directly under the Strapping Machine

Making it easy to pack your box, close it and strap it, then get the weight and mark the box right away. You can even follow the weight of the packed box while you are packing it, securing you don´t overload each box.

  • Using indicator LP 7510 from having many functions and easy to use.

  • Electrical connection 230V 50Hz. (Battery type is optional on request)

  • Load up to 200kg.

The retro fit scale can even be used under other machines, tables or what ever fits on the given dimension limits.

Works perfectly with the TP-202 strapping machine. 


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