STEP TP-702RS High Speed Automatic Strapping Machine for Round and Small Products

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STEP TP-702RS is an automatic strapping tool crafted for small and rounded packages. This high-speed PP bundling machine eliminates downtime and has low voltage feature for a less hazardous processing.

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STEP TP-702RS is a fast-programmed machine suitable for plastic or steel pipes, rods, hardwood, and other materials. It is also suitable for small products that is needed for strapping. Designed with a free strap guide access, turnable control panel, and a mechanic strapping head, this equipment makes maintenance less hassle as well as reduced maintenance cost. Cost-effective for small and rounded strapping requirement.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Strapping Head: Strapping head is crafted without belts, clutches, or pulleys but uses the latest motor technology providing reliability and accuracy. A compact design requiring less maintenance and cost due to its fewer components.
2. Free Access to Strap Guides: This feature enables fast access to strap guides making a friendly design for maintenance
3. Waist-High Auto Strap Feeding: Robotically feeding strap from the upper side of coil
4. Waist-High Quick Coil Change: Makes coil change fast and efficient, eliminating do wntime
5. Turnable Operating Control Panel: This makes PLC Control easier as it may be accessed from both front and back. Seen on upper right side of machine
6. Automatic Strap Ejector: Disregards and eliminates unnecessary straps for when machine is powered accidentally then eradicates downtime
7. Dispenser Release Switch: Installed to have strap feeding from strap dispenser simpler
8. Sensor Controlled Heater: Sealing feature is sensor controlled guaranteeing consistency, quality, and productivity
9. Low Voltage: All motors are of low voltage, hence safer for use
10. Strap End Ejector: Automatic strap ejectors helps in eliminating downtime as it dispels unnecessary straps mechanically
11. Front Foot Bar Switch: Ergonomic design for easy machine operation
12. Modifiable Table Height: Can be adjusted from 820mm to 920mm


Strap Type


Strap Size



65 straps/minute

Tension Range

1kg – 32kg

Machine Weight


Electrical Requirement

110V/220V/230V/240V, 50/60Hz, 1P

Standard Arch Size WxH

550mm x 400mm





5/6mm Strap Width

40mm x 10mm (WxH)

Pipe Ø 32mm x 2pcs

500mm x 350mm (WxH)

9mm Strap Width

50mm x 10mm (WxH)

Pipe Ø 34mm x 2pcs


• Photo-eye Switch
• Rear Foot Bar Switch
• Foot Pedal Switch
• Lower Adjustable Table Height of 770mm – 820mm
• Stainless Steel Frame

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