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    Pallet Wrapping Machines

    Wrapping your pallets will make them more stable, making the transportation safer. Also, it will protect your goods from dust and humidity.

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    Strapping Machines

    Strapping is used to secure, maintain and bundle together products, crates and pallets by using a variety of strap types.

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    Banding Machines

    Banding is a lot like strapping, but with a softer material like banding paper PB or PW, film FTN or FTB, foamed film FWG banding tape.

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    Packaging Materials

    STEP offers a wide range of packaging materials from Automatic Bottom Cardboards Boxes to Zipperbags along with banding tapes, strap, film, string, bags and much more

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    Ergonomic Work Areas

    Ergonomic Packaging Work Areas will secure a better product leaves your factory - That simple. Happy employees having better ergonomic work areas will produce more at a better quality level.

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    Sealers for Plastic Welding/Sealing

    Impulse sealer are used when you want to close bags to keep your goods fresh. Buy impulse sealers or automate the operation with automatic ones.

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