E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet
Wrapping Machine

All-around semi-automatic pallet wrapper which ensures quality and quantity packaging of wide range pallet wrapping requirements. Easy to operate and no difficult training needed with its simple user interface and functions.

An asset following an eco-friendly, ergonomic, and economic solution, this equipment is also lightweight crafted with 95% recyclable materials.


E3 Wrap 2100 is the Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper that does the job, wraps your every day demand for sending out pallets without getting dizzy or wasting time you don’t have. The E3 Pallet Wrapper wraps most kind of pallets, easy and fast and uses very little film compared to weight and volume factors.

Using the E3 pallet wrapper you place the pallet directly on the floor, no need for any ramp and no load weight limit.

With an efficient machine yields an efficient result. When talking long term, the E3 Wrap 2100 is deemed cost-effective as material cost is being reduced with the high caliber film and innovative machine.

Having a rotary arm function reduces the feeding of power as there won’t be a need of extra energy in turning a table supporting the palletized goods.

With no ramp and no up hill demand and that it’s the pallet wrapper doing the rotation you will no t get dizzy and have to use large force in placing the pallet in the wrap position. It will make you smile all day long.

With photocell option added the machines finds the pallet height on its own and will adjust the top wraps to fit exactly were needed.

Installed five level safety system and a fix stop to prevent injuries and damages. Providing a more protected environment and operation for users.

E3 Pallet Wrapper can be placed almost anywhere as in hallways and will save you space. When parked if takes up space equivalent to a large family pizza.

The E3 Wrap Pallet wrapper is built with minimum of moving part were none have to be oiled or cleaned. The few wear parts the machine has are easy to exchange over time as you use the wrapper.

Dimension when installed (HxBxD/Ø) 2800mm x 2255mm x 2450mm/Ø2225mm
Space needed when parked 400mm x 600mm
Maximum pallet size (standard) 1200mm x 1200mm x 2200mm, no weight limit
Turning Diameter (standard) 1910mm, 360⁰ Full Access
Speed 2200mm high pallet, approximately 90 seconds 1000mm high pallet, less than 60 seconds
Power 110 V to 230 V, 60/50 Hz
Pallet Demand Low pallet, approx.1000mm, approx.60 seconds per pallet
High pallet, approx. 1800mm, approx. 90 seconds per pallet
Wraps Standard Pallet EURO Pallet:  800mm x 1200mm
US Pallet: 1000mm x 1200mm
Industrial Pallet: 1350mm x 950mm
E3 Wrap Film Size (Width and Core) 750mm ø38mm core
Standard Program Wraps Button Wraps: 1 at the beginning and 1 at the end, 2 in total
Top Wraps: 1 top wrap
 Net Weight 56kg



Heighten the rate of productivity with the E3 WRAP 2100 SCALE, a wrapping equipment that does packaging antd weighing of pallets at the same time. Equipped with a weighing scale of up to 2000kg.

Also designed with an ergonomic concept, the E3 series also has a free space no blockage feature – Pallets are placed directly on the floor hence no lifting, pulling, or pushing of heavy bulky boxes, all keeping workers comfortable and productive.

This machine is a good call for small to large scale businesses for small to heavy duty pallet wrapping needs.

E3 WRAP 2100 DUO

STEP E3 WRAP 2100 DUO is suitable for manufacturing plants aiming to double pallet wrapping output as this equipment has two rotary arms for concurrently packaging two palletized boxes.

Keeping safe the environment and workers with its 5 level safety features, this also has an added advantage when it came to handling cost – delivering quality operation with reduced material cost and power consumption. Providing businesses long term raise in productivity rate.


STEP E3 WRAP 2100 LARGO is a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine that can accommodate bulkier pallet load. This equipment has a turning diameter of 2500mm for a pallet sizing 2000mm x 600mm.

Enhanced with photocell and fix stop to for automated height detection and safe use for operators. The rotary arm installed will halt


This Film is best suited for E3 WRAP 2100 series use. A high standard LLDPE stretch wrapping film made available in several thickness, elongation and colors such as: black, white, and transparent for different business needs.

Film MaterialLLDPE, Oktene LDPE
Elongation150% to 200% minimum stretch
Dimension of Roll

Core ø38/Ø53 x 770mm

Film on core 750mm x Ø140 maximum

ColorsTransparent, black, white
Core MaterialPaper wound core (ø38/Ø53x 770mm)

Core weight approximately: 1,02kg

Film weight approximately: 9,315kg

Roll complete approximately: 10,2kg

Box of 1 roll approximately: 10,5kg gross

Packaging Film Material

1 roll per box, 150x150x780mm

35/70 boxes per layer/pallet


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