PP Strapping with Confidence for Startups and Small Businesses

PP Strapping with Confidence for Startups and Small Businesses

PP strap is one the most used strapping cord for warehouse strapping requirements. It may be used for both manual to machine-driven strapping and is known as an economical choice in bundling requirements particularly for practical businesses – may it be large or small.

As one of the reliable band, machines for such packaging needs have been rampant in the market as well. Taking toll for a set of different arch sizes for large packages, several bundling tools for basic yet fundamental needs, and high to low tables for ergonomic-driven designs have been appearing with promises of everything but low cost.

With confidence, Sal-Tech Easy Packaging brings you an automatic PP strapping machine that performs excellently at a reasonable price value. Securing no issues even for startups and small businesses to take home a well-powered strapping equipment for their warehouse operations.

STEP TP-601 Series are models of automatic strapping machines that cost less without failing in the general bundling of goods, boxes, and/or produce. Ensuring that quality, consistency, and efficiency is always at bay.

The models are suitable for broad range strapping requirements: STEP TP-601D and STEP TP-601LCE are equipped with powerful motors and a durable strapping head that is engineered topping excellent quality of machine. Mechanically releasing end of straps when strapping cycle is finished, refeeding of straps when in some situation of misfeed, feeding of bands without inside access when strap loading, and eliminating downtime as it clears automatically the unnecessary PP straps.

One will have no trouble in distinguishing the difference of STEP TP-601D and STEP TP-601LCE as STEP TP-601LCE is a low height variant. Most appropriate for heavy, large, and bulky boxes and/or packages, its height measures as low as 410mm assuring workers are not physically exhausted due to the lifting of large, bulky, and even heavy packages in perfect position for strapping.

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging (STEP) offers you both equipment at a practical value. Given options for added advantage, such as: a smoke exhaust system with carbon filter, an emergency stop switch, and/or a stainless steel housing. With a note to the flexibility of arch sizes, STEP also give you a variation of such that suits your business needs of up to 1200mm x 1450mm – height and weight, respectively. Providing further asset in warehouse packaging production.