English Proficient • Innovative • Confident • Creative

¬ With at least 1 to 3 years of Web Development experience
¬ With at least 1 to 3 years of Systems Administration experience
¬ Must be knowledgeable with Database Management
¬ Must be able to plan, write, maintain, and develop (ground-up) website/s
¬ Fully equipped with programming or scripting languages, such as Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS
¬ Strong UI UX knowledge and understanding
¬ Able to communicate and negotiate effectively with diverse team members
¬ Expert in MS Office applications
¬ Excellent in both written and spoken English
¬ Fluency in Danish/Mandarin is a bonus
¬ Amendable for mid shift schedule, 1pm – 10pm
¬ Willing to work homebased, full-time

Job Description: 

General Requirements:
• Working Laptop/Desktop
• Internet connection, must be stable
• English proficiency, must be excellent
• High MS Access competency is a must
• High MS Outlook competency is a must

Specific Requirements:
• Programming/scripting languages: _Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS_
• Troubleshoot software and network issues
• Upgrade and monitor software, including data backup, and recovery
• Maintain web-servers, email, network connection, security tools
• Point-of-contact for IT-related problems that may arise
• Creation of efficient code/s and website layout for web development purposes
• Strong understanding of User Interface and Experience, web functions, and standards
• Functional knowledge in Web Services
• Technical documentation
• Maintain and expand active website/s and optimize existing codes
• Plan and prototype
• Fix bugs

The Process

Step 1: Sending updated resume/CV to ewd@sal-tech.com along with the following:
• Skype interview availability, date and time (for HR Manager interview)
• Skype account name (or similar messaging app)
• Expected salary rate
• Availability to start

Step 2: Our HR Manager is Denmark-based that is why a Skype account or similar is needed, for interview purposes which discusses the following:
• Salary Rate/Negotiation
• Payment Mode
• Cut off dates
• Specific job tasks are elaborated
• Other clarifications from both the interviewer and the interviewee

Step 3: Interview with our CEO (Gunnar Salbaek) through skype:
• Technical (for IT) Q&A
• General Q&A

Step 4: Management Decision if passed or failed (to be contacted via skype or email)

Why Freelance? Because our company will not cover mandatory benefits by the Philippine government. It will be voluntarily paid by freelancer.

Note: HQ is located in Denmark and our clients aren’t locally based and English is required for telecommunication purposes.

Currently, we are in a period of expansion and in accordance, we are looking for a team player to aid in our IT System requirements as well as our website development/ground-up creation.

For interested applicants, you may send your resume to: ewd@sal-tech.com 

Company : Sal-Tech HKG Ltd
Position : Web Developer, IT Systems Administrator
Type of Employment : Freelance, Full-Time, Regular Position
Work Schedule : M-F, 1pm-10pm
Work Location : Home Based
Salary Rate : Negotiation upon Skype interview with HR Manager

Who are we?

A quick overview first on what our company does and who we cater to. We specialize in designing and/or manufacturing Industrial machines/tools specifically for packaging. We provide a wide array of solutions within the field of banding, bundling, filming, wrapping, and positioning of products to clients in Scandinavia, Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our HQ and warehouse is based in Denmark, we have a sales/purchasing branch in Hongkong, and a team of Marketing freelancers in the Philippines.