Bag closing – closing and welding of bags, plastic, etc.

Bag Closing

Bag sealers for industry and business

We have a large selection of bag sealers, impulse Welders and bag welders, used to close the bags of PE, OPP et al., as well as for welding of tubes and movies. Bag extinguishers are characterized by jaw length and width of welding wire. For example, our ME 455FI, here is the jaw length 450 mm and weld the thread 5 mm.

There are a wide variety of bag sealers, here are some of our range:

-Manual bag sealers
-Automatic bag sealers
-Foot operated bag sealers
-Roller Welders
-Strip Welders
-Vacuum Welders
-Impulse Welders
-m. fl.

View our selection of bag sealers and welders here

Our own bag sealers

We have even developed several bag sealers and bag welders. Among other things, an entire line with tape welders used for continuous sealing and welding of bags.

View the range of our proprietary bag sealers and strip welders here

Find the right bag closes

It can be difficult to assess your needs in relation to bag closure. We stand ready to help you find the right machine and solution.

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Covers the whole of Scandinavia

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging is a 100% Danish company covering the whole of Scandinavia, and in fact all over the world. We have offices in Denmark, Hong Kong and in the Philippines. So we provide bag sealers who in the world, where you need them.