Stretch film re wrapping, stretch film machine – Sale and delivery

Stretch Film Machines

The sale and supply of stretch film wrappers and stretch film

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging sells and delivers stretch film wrappers for wrapping of palletized goods, so in safe and secure can pack and send your goods on.

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We have over's the 20th experience with sales and delivery of stretch film machines for the industry, we also produce our own machines for stretch film winding. We have everything from manual machines to the automatic stretch film machines that can handle everything from a few pallets up to several hundred pallets per day.

Choose the right stretch film wrap and machine

Unsure about which stretch film wrapper that matches your needs, please contact us and we help you find the best solution.

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Stretch film

There are many different types of stretch film, and with very different properties. We can supply stretch film for stræks degrees from 120% and even up to 400%. In order to obtain the cheapest pallet winding, so we recommend that you apply the stretch film with the highest degree of fors haul degree. It allows you to stretch stretch film longer and thus you need less of it.

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