Sheeting machines and foil light – development of topics in film

Foil machines and foilon the leaf-rollers

Packaging machines with foil

Sal-Tech Easy Packaging supplies and sells packaging machines for foil winding. We have over 20 years of experience in the industry and has specialized in packaging machines, including film makers, film on the leaf-rollers and others. We have over 2,500 machines in operation all over the world.

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Foil Wrappers

We have several different types of foil wrappers and foil machines. Here is a list
of the categories that we have foil machinery within:

•Stretch Film Wrappers

•Pallet Wrappers

•Hand films Wrappers

•Horizontal Leaf-Rollers

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Choose the right foil

It is important that you select the right foil for the development of similar topics and products. So will ensure an optimal development of its products and pallets. The choice of foil starts already at the choice of the film machine, here we must look at the process and the production flow from start to finish.

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Preparation and installation

Would in provisioning and installation of your new film machine, so we also like tostand for it. by default, delivered our machines finished tested and ready to use.