Packaging Directive

What - Packaging directive EU and DK

A. Introduction

The EU first introduced measures on the management of packaging waste in the early 1980s. Directive 85/339/EEC covered the packaging of liquid beverage containers intended for human consumption only but it was too vague to bring about the effective harmonisation of national policies. As a consequence, diverging national legislation appeared in several Member States. In 1992, the Commission came forward with a Proposal for a Council Directive on Packaging and Packaging Waste. Following a prolonged discussion in the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, Directive 94/62/EC was adopted.

B. Purpose of the directive

This Directive 94/62/EC aims to harmonise national measures in order to prevent or reduce the impact of packaging and packaging waste on the environment and to ensure the functioning of the Internal Market. It contains provisions on the prevention of packaging waste, on the re-use of packaging and on the recovery and recycling of packaging waste.

C. Basic requirements of packaging

- Packaging volume and weight must be the minimum amount necessary to maintain safety, hygiene and acceptance of the packaged product.

- Packaging must be manufactured to permit reuse or recovery when packaging waste is disposed of. Recovery includes the recycling of packaging materials, separate composting of biodegradable packaging, and energy recovery through incineration.

- Noxious & hazardous substances must be minimized when packaging is incinerated or landfilled.

D. Other rules set

- Packaging waste – It establishes aggressive recovery and recycling targets for packaging waste.(Directive 94/62/EC)

- The Green Dot System – It is not a recycling logo but merely that the manufacturer has signed an agreement with a packaging recovery organization in that country and the appropriate fees are being paid. In doing so, they are responsible to recover their own packaging. The fees paid help fund recovery and recycling efforts by the organization.

- Labeling: