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How do you get the best out of the Bag Sealers
What it can and can not

Typical equipment for bag sealing and plastic sealing:

The material you wish to seal or close is placed between the ”jaws”. The sealing process starts and the material is welded together, cooled and then if the machine is capable, cut at desired length depending on the Sealer type and feature.

Bag Sealers works by heating the material using either constant or pulse heat during activation. The process is also called plastic welding, PE welders bag closers and they can all be used for welding of heat-weldable materials.

What to pack using a bag sealer:
Everything, from magazines, newspapers, catalogues, books, fruit, vegetables, postcards, Christmas ornaments, screws, fittings, liquid, powder, spices, candy, coffee, tea, rice, oatmeal, cream, bread, cakes, etc.

It is not recommended to seal materials by evaporation which are toxic or cause discomfort if inhaled. It should be performed in properly ventilated areas.

Bag and Film Types:

  • LDPE Bags
    • 25my standard program
    • 50my standard program
    • 70-90my strong, standard to special
    • And all those specially made bags i.e. dimension, with pressure, thickness, etc.
  • Foil Material Types:
    • LDPE Low-Density Polyethylene with variants
    • Polythylene Pliofilm P.V.A.
    • Polyurethane Kel-F Tivac
    • Polyvinylchloride Polyflex Saran
    • Polypropylene Mylar Nylon
    • Poly coated metal/aluminum laminates.
    • And any other heat-sealable film types.
  • Foil geometry
    • Pipe foil in various width and thickness
    • Plan foil, center fold in various width and thickness

Bag Sealers, Impulse Sealers, Constant temperature welders, using welding rods to produce heating. These are found in typical widths of 2, 5 and 10 mm round flat and have threads with different diameters. A round wire is used as a cutting wire.

The welding temperature is in the range 180-280°C.

Types of Equipment - The following equipments applied:

      • STEP-N00HI: Sealing width is 2 mm and the length N = 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 mm
      • STEP-N05HI: Sealing width is 5 mm ad the length N = 100, 200, 300, 400
      • STEP-N02or05HC: same as the above but with "Cutter" knife function.
      • STEP-N02or05HCG: same as above but with the knife and hold solenoid function. You can control for regulation of the welding and cooling time.

    • Semi-Automatic Impulse Sealer, Bag Closers, Bag Sealers:

      The material is placed between the ”jaws” are closed semi-automatically, and then welded with the preset time interval following a set cooling time.

      • STEP-NN0AI: Sealing width is 2mm and the length NN = 350, 450, 600 mm
      • STEP-NN5AI: Sealing width is 5 mm and length NN = 350, 450, 600 mm
      • STEP-NN5VA: Vacuum with seal width is 5 mm by NN = 450, 600 mm

    • IP Bar welder:

      The material is placed between the ”jaws” and is closed manually, then welded with the preset time interval and then cutting the excess foil.

      • STEP-NN0IP: The material is sealed with a round wire and the length NN = 450, 600, 800 mm

    • Roll Sealing:

      The material is placed on a flat surface, and then the sealing is accomplished by scrolling over the desired seal seam with the sealer. Sealing with constant heat.

    • STEP-80NHW, Seal width:
      • N = 1 width: 5mm
      • N = 2 width: 1mm
      • N = 3 width: 10mm

Other types and variants

  • Foot Operated Sealers
  • Vertical Sealers
  • Tape Sealers
  • Vacuum Sealers

Spare Parts:
An important part that wear out on a bag welder is the Teflon
protective foil. Teflon is used to protect the hot wire to the plastic so no plastic particles are transferred to the welding wire and then it will burn and form of an ash / slag. The quality of Teflon protection are different from machine types and the included instructional manual can be studied to know the correct structure.
Sal-Tech Easy Packaging stocks a wide range of standard spare parts for kit bag welders, check out our website at Spare parts for Mercier Pulse Welders. The build of these parts is compatible with other types sold.

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