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WG Strap in cartons of 2 or 8 rolls


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WG strap for high demand strapping applications. WG Strap is very flexible and can withstand high tension and sharp edge demands.

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Also known as corded or woven strap. A type of strapping band that can be reusable to a certain degree. Commonly used together with a metal buckle which makes it adjustable. WG strap is used together with steel buckles and STEP H-21 or STEP H-26 tensioner.

WG strap is wound on Ø76 core x 139mm width, either 8 rolls or 2 rolls per box.

For customs purpose tarif code: 58064000

WP Strap Description Coils/carton  Tensile
 Strength [N] 
Item number 
WG30 - Width: 9mm x 250 meter 8 2750N 53090250
 WG30 - Width: 9mm x 1500 meter 2 2750N 53091500
 WG40 - Width: 13mm x 250 meter 8 3750N 53130250
WG40 - Width: 13mm x 1100 meter 2 3750N 53131100
 WG50 - Width: 16mm x 850 meter 2 4500N 53160850
WG60 - Width: 19mm x 500 meter 2 5500N 53190500
WG85HD -  Width: 25mm x 500 meter  2 9500N 53250500

Prices are per box of 8 or 2, in reference to above chart.