E3 Wrap Stretch Film Black/White

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E3 Wrap Film Black LLDPE. The pallet wrap film to use with E3 Pallet wrappers when you want to hide the content and protect it.

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Filmmaterial: Black LLDPE
Prestretch possible: 150%
Film thickness: 20my
Film widht: 750mm
Film length per roll: Approx. 675meter
Core dimension: Ø38/Ø52 x 770mm
E3 Wrap is packed 1 roll per carton 150 x 150 x 780 mm, weight approx. 10,5kgs
Shipment: 1 roll as parcel, 6 rolls on 1/4 pallet, 12, 16, or 20 rolls on 1/2 pallet, 35/70 rolls on 1/1 Euro pallet.

E3 Wrap Stretch Film

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