STEP 16 Triple Layer Multihead Weigher 2.0L Memory Bucket

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A weigher with 2.0L bucket and a Memory Hopper to precisely and accurately weigh goods at a fast speed. This is suitable for measuring bulk products and is appropriate for produce weighing from 15g to 1000g.

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The STEP 16 Triple Layer Multihead Weigher with 2 liters Memory Bucket is engineered innovatively with a complete stainless steel housing actuator for hygiene request. This is equipped with a triple layer hopper, hanging actuator unit, camera, network service, and USB upgrade so to enhance production in the manufacturing plant. With its Memory Hopper, the equipment assures an accurate weighing of goods at a fast pace so not to waste precious time. Also, this weigher has single door opening.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Robust and Reliable: Designed for weighing bulk products and assuring quality and quantity produce made
2. 2.0L Hopper: New type of hopper is simple and solid to work
3. Memory Hopper: The memory bucket technology provides higher accuracy and efficiency
4. Touch Screen Display: 10.4 inch colored control panel for easier control of machine
5. Triple Layer Hopper: Memory hopper is installed for quick operation and strengthens accuracy
6. One Product at High Speed: 130BPM maximum or may be divided into two which measures 70x2BPM
7. Two Product Mixing Function (Optional): This is to assure the accuracy of total weight when mixing two products
8. Collect Hoppers (Optional)
9. Speed: Faster production for higher volume product
10. 4.0 Generation System: Control system is new at 4.0 also includes USB upload and download function, camera feature, and PC connection so to adjust parameters with ease





4G System

Weighing Range

15g – 1000g



Maximum Speed

130 or 70x2 BPM

Power Supply

220V 50/60Hz 2.5kW

Hopper Volume

2L with Memory Hopper


10.4 Inches Touch Screen, colored

Number of Hoppers

3 Layers of Hoppers

Housing Material

Stainless Steel (upon request)

With Camera


• Two Product Mixing Function
• Collect Hoppers
• Stainless Steel Actuator Housing

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