STEP 16 Head Weigher 5.5L Large Volume

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This 5.5L large volume 16 head weigher is best suitable for large sized, loose, heavy and bulk products. This weigher also secures increased accuracy rate as compared to older versions.

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This 16 head weigher is reliable having reached waterproof standard of IP66 and an option of stainless steel as actuator house is open for a more durable design. With its 4th generation software, it makes operation much simpler for user whilst also upgraded to be controlled remotely using PC. Its parameters may be downloaded through PC as well. This tool is primarily for bigger produce for its large hopper volume, stronger motor and a larger opening distance. Greatly innovative and cost-effective for increased productivity rate.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Linear Vibrator: Has been developed and made more robust and reliable for heavy duty weighing
2. 5.5L Hopper Volume: A larger volume for a broad range of applications
3. Speed: This model guarantees increase in running speed contrast to the 14 head weigher by 20%
4. Generation of Software: 4th Generation is installed for simple control
5. 10.4” Touch screen: Mounted for altering parameter settings and lessening issues of machine operation
6. New type of Topcone and Linear Feeder Pan: Topcone motion and topcone rotating motor is adjustable
7. Rotation topcone with loadcell control product feeding



10.4 inch colored touch screen

Hopper Volume


Power Supply

220V, 50Hz, 3.5KW


4G Software

Weighing Range

100g – 3000g



Maximum Speed

100WPM (4G)

Machine Noise



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