STEP 16 Head Salad Weigher with Screw Function (5.5L)

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A reliable and fast multi-weigher (16-head) perfect for distributing and scaling an array of larger, bulk, loose and heavier sized products. This is equipped with bigger volume hoppers sizing to 5.5L.


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A fast and robust choice for business weighing requirements. STEP 16 head 5.5L salad weigher is made up of durable material with a waterproof standard of IP66 also, this machine may be demanded with stainless steel as actuator house. With high competency in both efficiency and display, this machine will certainly bring a long-term support in heightening production rate and diminishing cost.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. Innovative design: with stainless housing for more durability (as requested)

2. Speed: a machine 20% faster than the 14 head salad weigher

3. Noise control: Less noise at only 85 decibels

4. Adjustable: Topcone motor as well as working motion are all modifiable for specific needs hence easier to use and a simpler user interface

5. PC connection: Parameters may be downloaded by PC and machine may be controlled remotely by PC

6. Software Generation: Software system is based on 4th generation

7. Hopper Volume: a larger hopper volume, stronger motor and larger opening for a larger and heavier product





4th Generation

Weighing Range

100g – 3000g



Maximum Speed

100WPM (4th Gen)

Power Supply

220V, 50HZ, 3.5KW

Volume Hopper

5.5L or 7.5L


10.4in colored touchscreen

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