STEP TP 713H Fully Automatic Strapping Machine +

STEP TP 713H Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

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High speed fully automatic strapping machine for horizontal applications. Perfect for barrels, bricks, bottles, beverages and kinds of long upstanding products. 

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Main Features
The STEP TP 713H is especially designed for packaging applications that require horizontal pallet strapping.

The touch panel makes it very easy to configure the 10 different strapping patters, with up to 10 different strapping positions. This means that this machine is capable of strapping any product that you place on it.

CLEAN. This strapper comes equipped with Friction Weld Sealing Technology, which guarantees a reliable joint and high sealing efficiency with tensions up to 3000 N. No fumes. No odours.

SAFETY. We take great pride in our products' safety features. And we know that it's of major importance in warehousing and packaging solutions. The STEP TP 713H comes equipped a strap guide arm to ensure precise strap position to the load. The arch movement is smooth and an inverter avoids vibrations. The safety rack underneath the arch ensures the highest safety standards are met.

The STEP TP 713H is a fully automatic machine. Operation of this fully automatic strapping machine is very easy to learn and intuitive. The STEP TP 713H will automatically move your pallet to the strapping zone and the arch will be lowered, applying the strapp horizontally wherever you have programed it to do so.

The user-friendly inteface is easy to understand, and the touch panel makes navitating through the menus very fast.

Technical Data

Speed 60 pallets per hour at 3 straps per pallet
Core size 406 mm
Electrical requirements 220V, 380V, 400V 50/60Hz 3 Phase
Strap width 9 mm, 12 mm or 15,5 mmm
Strap type PP or PET strap
Strap tension 1100 - 3000 N (standard)or 200 - 1200 N (optional)
Net weight 875 kg
Min. strapping height 110 mm above conveyor suface or 240 mm above the floor


In this document you can find information about the fully automatic strapping machine STEP TP 713H.

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