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Newly Added STEP Band 310

STEP Band 310



The STEP Band 310 Automatic Strapping Machine is a game-changer for businesses, offering a swift and seamless solution for bundling documents. With speeds up to 18 cycles per minute, it simplifies preparation for storage and shipping, making it an indispensable tool for efficient document management.

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29,700.00 DKK

Elevate your document organization to the next level with our STEP Band 310 Automatic Strapping Machine. Designed for both speed and efficiency, it ensures your finished documents are securely bundled, ready for storage or shipping. Experience effortless operation with the STEP Band 310, capable of executing 16-18 cycles per minute, transforming the way you prepare your documents for the next step. Perfect for businesses looking to streamline their document handling processes with precision and ease.

Streamline Your Document Management with the STEP Band 310: Speed, Efficiency, and Ease in Every Cycle

1. Quick Strapping: Enables rapid bundling of documents for efficient preparation and organization.
2. Automatic Heat Sealing without Odor: Utilizes odor-free heat technology to securely seal straps, enhancing the workspace.
3. Adjustable Tension in Three Stages: Offers three tension settings to ensure secure, damage-free bundling of various document sizes.
4. Three Activation Modes: Provides flexibility with automatic, manual, and foot pedal operations to suit different user preferences and workflow needs.
5. Compatibility with Various Strap Widths: Accommodates strap widths of 20mm, 30mm, or 40mm, offering versatile bundling for diverse document requirements.


- 20 and 40mm tape width
- 110V 60Hz power supply

Max bundle size 
Banding speed 
16-18 bandings/min
Banding tapes
Paper & OPP tape
Band width
18 kg
Electrical supply 
230V 50Hz
Item No.

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