Retro Fit Scale for Strapping Machines

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The Retro Fit Scale is a measuring gauge that specifically accommodates STEP TP-202 strapping machine. This scale can take a package load of up until 200kg, making strapping and weighing processes simpler and faster. Creating a more efficient operation as it eliminates downtime due to transporting of packages in different places for processing.

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For simple and easy strapping and weighing of machine, this retro fit measuring scale is placed directly under the strapping machine. Simultaneously packing your box or package as well as weigh and mark without further need of lifting the heavy goods and placing it on a scale after or before the banding requirements.

You may also get to see how much the package weigh and may put more merchandise inside to achieve the carton’s full potential on the other, you may also avoid over-filling boxes with the presence of the scale. Said Retro Fit Measuring gauge is also applicable for other tables as long as it matches the given dimension limits.

NOTE: Best suited with the semi-automatic STEP TP-202 strapping machine.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Compatibility with STEP TP-202 (Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine)
2. Weight limit up until 200kg
3. Accuracy and reliability in measurement


Perfect Machine Fit

STEP TP-202 Strapping Machine

Maximum Load


Electrical Connection

230V 50Hz


Yes, this is an option upon request


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