STEP TP-601A Fully Automatic Strapping Machine - Roller Driven Table

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STEP TP-601A is a fully automatic strapping machine with roller-driven table. It is a simple and the most reliable strapping machine for general purpose applications on the market.

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An automated strapping machine that has the capability of up to 18 packages per minute. Ergonomically built 820mm table height that able to control the infeed and outfeed of conveyors, with its multiple strap function to choose depending on your requirement.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Reliable and robust strapping head
2. Auto strap feeding
3. Electronic tension control
4. Auto strap ejector
5. Belt transmission
6. Hinged top plates
7. Conveyor speed: 30 meters/minute
8. Multiple strap function for single, double, continuous strapping, or transit mode
9. Up and down stream interlock with complete plug connection
10. Easy bundle flow direction change
11. Strap end ejector


Strap Width

8mm – 12mm

Strap Tension



Up to 18 packages/min. ( Cycle speed up to 29 straps/min.)

Table Height


Arch Size

850mm X 600mm (W X H)

Net Weight

330 Kg

Electrical Requirements

220V, 380V, 400V, 50/60Hz 3 Ph

• Siemens PLC control
• Variable conveyor speed: from 18 meters/minute to 42 meters/minute
• Safety guards
• Foot pedal switch

Available in different models:
STEP TP-601B Fully Automatic Strapping Machine – Belt Driven Table


Reliable and Robust Strapping Head
Robust mechanism design and high engineering standard ensuring excellent durability of the products. Use two proximity switches to replace conventional limit switches.

Auto Strap Feeding
Simply insert the strap into the feeding rollers from the coil side of the machine and then push the reset button. The machine will automatically feed the strap without the need to access to the inside of the machine. No need to remove it from the line for the strap feeding. Easy strap loading.

Auto Strap Ejector
Loop – eject clears unwanted strap automatically if the machine is accidentally activated without a package eliminate downtime.

Electronic Tension Control
External adjustment of strap tension by the simple turn of a dial. Easy operation.

Belt Transmission
Instead of using roller chain, belt transmission system ensures long operational life and quiet operation.

Hinged to Plates
Opens wide for quick cleaning, inspection and maintenance of strapping head, strap feed and tensioning unit.

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