STEP Ergo Strap Table with Built-in Scale & Adjustable Height

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Minimize discomfort with STEP Ergo Strap Table. A well-designed strapping stand to achieve efficiency of your workers and decreases health issues that entails during the packing process. An ergonomic choice promoting less handling cost.

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TEP Ergo Strap Table is an ergonomic design used when strapping boxes and other products requiring strapping. It is innovatively engineered to provide comfort for its operator with an adjustable height and a built-in scale to deliver a more efficient process as to the weighing and packing procedure. Assuring a relaxed environment without needing any unnecessary effort during the packaging development.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Built-In Scale: Fortified with a scale for quicker packaging process
2. Adjustable Height: An adjustable height to be in apt with its user, the ergo table is certainly a state-of-the-art and ergonomically-inclined solution for basic to heavy duty strapping
3. Easy to use: A strapping machine which cultivates simplicity with its user-friendly interface
4. Flexibility: Embrace the comfort at work by the ergo table’s accommodating feature that soothes your needs
5. Lifting Column: Equipped with a durable lifting column system for heights between 700mm and 1100mm
6. Electronic Scale with 4 load cells for weighing up until 200kg




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Up to 200kg


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