STEP K-40H18 Carton Forming and Bottom Sealing Machine

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A fast and reliable carton forming and bottom sealing machine that is equipped with high standard components to achieve great efficiency and effectivity in the warehouse. Programmed to form and seal boxes and is adjusted to cater corrugated boxes of different size and heighten process of forming at 18 cartons per minute.

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STEP K-40H18 is a former and sealer of corrugated boxes. Difference from STEP K-40 is the added output per minute - measured as 18 boxes/min. This is innovatively designed to cater medium to large scale businesses that has high demand on box processing. Lightweight compared to other machines of same output in the market and is proven excellent when it comes to performance.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. High Standard Materials: Electrical and pneumatic parts are imported and of high standard quality
2. Easy Feeding of Cartons: Cartons may be added without stopping machine operation, eliminating downtime
3. Forming and Sealing: Applicable for forming and sealing cartons of same sizes
4. Adjustable Carton Size: Manual modification to change carton size, finishing in 2 to 3 minutes
5. Photoelectricity Induction Control System
6. Safety System: Cutter is safe for use, and injuries from stabs are prevented
7. Durable and Compact Built: Reduces waste of time as machine forms, folds, and seals simultaneously
8. Vertical Storage
9. Lightweight
10. Speed
11. Quality Performance


Dimension (LWH)

2400mm x 2050mm x 200mm

Adhesive Tape






Packaging Size (LWH)

200-400mm x 150-350mm x 100-350mm


18 cartons per minute

Power Supply

110/220V 50/60Hz 200W

Air Compression


Air Consumption



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