STEP E-50 Automatic Side Belts Driven Carton Sealer +

STEP E-50 Automatic Side Belts Driven Carton Sealer

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STEP E-50 an automated carton sealer with two motor functioning on top and bottom for sealing. The height and width adjusted automatically depending on carton sizes, suitable for packing different cartons at the same time.

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A carton sealer with side belt conveyor to guide cartons being sealed and automatically adjusts relying on changeable dimensions. One of industrial carton sealer equipment that is easy to use in its manageable design. Everyone in the packaging lines can easily install an adhesive tape with width ranging 48/60/75mm, though can be use different sizes but important to use only one tape size according to the boxes being sealed to avoid consuming time.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1 Automatically adjusts the height and width based on carton sizes;
2 Advanced pneumatic control system compared with the complicated electrical control system;
3 Side belts on both sides with top and bottom sealing;
4 Universal type, fit for all kinds of cartons
5 Safety Emergency button


Adhesive tape width


Packing size(mm)


Machine dimension


Machine weight




Power supply

110, 220 - 240 V/ 50-60HZ 1 Ph

Conveyor speed




• The parts of case sealer is Imported, include electrical and pneumatic components
• Automatically adjust the height and the width for different size of cartons;
• Side belts driven; top and bottom sealing of carton sealer
• Cutter Safety system to prevent hands from the cutter

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