In order to keep damages and repackaging to a minimum, E3 Wrap 2100 will solve your problem to beat the summer heat that can damage your product’s goodness. It helps your products keep safe and protected and when considering which wrapping machines are the fastest and most reliable, E3 Wrap 2100 will be suited to this.


Any shipment that contains items that will deteriorate over any given time period if exposed to harsh environmental conditions, including humidity or temperature is considered a perishable good. These items include meats, seafood and live fish, dairy, produce, and plants. If you are manufacturing or distributing items like these, it’s important to use an E3 Wrap 2100 will secure your product for its safety and damage.

If your products are sensitive to climate and you do not have a freight carrier that specializes in, or at least offers temperature-controlled or refrigerated shipping options, this must be a top priority for you. So, you must choose a wrapper machine that will save your time and make your production fast which is the E3 Wrap 2100 to defeat the climate. It is so easy to install, this is a wall-mounted stretch film wrapper and option for POLE free-standing installation. No ramp, no hill, no blockage, and no need for turntables hence there won’t be any pushing or pulling of pallets for wrapping purposes. E3 Wrap 2100 will make your production fast which helps your goods maintain the freshness inside.

E3 Wrap 2100 would be the best wrapping packaging machine that helps you and your products Beat the Summer Heat!