Pack Expo Las Vegas is one of the biggest packaging tradeshows in the USA and Mexico – with events in Las Vegas, Chicago, Philadelphia, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. It has closed its most recent event in Vegas this September 25, 2019 with an impressive number of approximately 30,000 attendees and 2,000 exhibitors.

As part of the packaging industry, Sal-Tech Easy Packaging partnered with a prestigious USA company to showcase our very own Ergo Strap Table in the latest Pack Expo Las Vegas. This event gave us remarkable number of feedbacks and overwhelming interest when it came to the ergo strapping solution.

Let us inform you what the hype is about, the E3 Hallbrook Ergo Strap Machine is an ergonomic designed strapping table that helps decrease health risks that is brought about by the packing process. A couple of its features includes: a built-in scale, for a simultaneous strapping and weighing purposes; an adjustable height, to adapt to its workers physical attributes and lessens physical exhaustion; and a durable lifting column, for height between 700mm and 1100mm.

With an excellent feedback from Pack Expo, Sal-Tech Easy Packaging guarantees USA and Canada market with a broader support on packing solutions and continuously provide high quality tools and machine.

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