Because the business world is increasingly moving toward e-commerce, one of the most important considerations for packing your goods is how it will be able to last from your end till it is delivered to clients without causing any harm or worry.


It might be difficult to come up with the "ideal" packaging operating solution for your company. The fact is that there are a plethora of various sorts of equipment, materials, and procedures that may be used in a seemingly limitless number of diverse ways.


It would be a wise idea to find from Sal-Tech Easy Packaging for suitable Packaging solutions that will work for your business. With the aid of Sal-Tech Easy Packaging, you may create customized packaging solutions depending on your preferences.

Here's a list of five packaging operation suggestions that we can assist you and your company expand and retain growth by improving your packaging solution:


  1. Choose the Fast and Reliable 

In addition to packing standard pallets and pallet film wrappers, a high-speed packaging equipment will satisfy your pallet wrapping needs.

The E3 Wrap 2100 is a semi-automatic pallet wrapper that wraps pallets at a rate of 25 to 500 pallets per week, making it ideal for packaging standard pallets. It includes Brake Pre-Stretch with Photocell, which allows the film to be stretched to its full capability, saving material and money.


E3 WRAP 2100 has also a cutting-edge alternative to manual pallet wrapping that ensures product quality and integrity, reduces labor costs, increases productivity, and improves overall performance while being CE and ROHS compliant.

  1. Proper installation and Regular maintenance 

Lightweight Eco-Friendly Machines are now the best choice. It is made from recyclable materials that are around 95% recyclable, stays horizontal, and can wrap more than a hundred pallets in a single shift, ensuring that your pallets are perfectly packaged and ready for delivery.


Sal-Tech Easy Packaging can be installed by a service professional  (within Denmark Location) or by a DIY installation guide and also has different installation kits suited for brick wall or free standing POLE solution  And machine servicing/maintenance is a not a problem since we have a team of skilled and experienced service technicians that will ensure that your packaging process runs smoothly and that your equipment lasts for a long time.

  1. Safe and Accurate High Level Performance

It is important that packaging solutions ensure a safe and precise packing process. The E3 Wrap 2100 has an ergonomic design with lightweight materials and rolls to make lifting easier, resulting in less warehouse labor weariness. The 5-level safety function protects the operator from potential dangers. When compared to comparable goods of similar capacity, the equipment's spatial idea provides more than enough space to walk through because it does not require a turntable to operate. Not to add that the machine is designed to save time and money by wrapping packages in 1 to 2 minutes at a low cost.


Furthermore, upgrade the safety system to include an emergency stop system for preventing dangers to staff welfare. When the operator presses the stop button, the rotary arm will come to a complete stop.

  1. Smart Space Saver

When looking for the ideal packaging solution for you and products, it's easy to overlook the importance of the building that houses the equipment as well as the technical knowledge of the employees that work there. You'll have more difficulties than the purchase is worth if your equipment doesn't fit nicely in the area or isn't operated properly.


E3 Wrap now has a taller machine that can wrap higher pallets and has a higher free space height for drive through.

  1. Multifunction/ Supplementary Packaging Machines

Because there are so many different types of products, the optimal method for moving them into their packaging container is determined by their individual qualities. Now, the E3 Wrap 2100 is a pallet wrapper with a Mini PLC, which can be used to change the standard program of top and button wraps using a programming connection.


Other Pallet Wrapping Machines and Stretch Film are available from Sal-Tech Easy Packaging.