10 Reasons to Work for STG

Competitive Compensation?

Well that is probably one of the main reasons job hunters accept the offer from a new employer. Nowadays luring candidates with the external motivator called wage has been the key and listing critical points as to value of job available is no longer top of mind but let me tell you, there are much greater reason than filthy cash.

As our Sal-Tech mission is driving us towards expansion, we need a team of creative and innovative minds that could set us apart from the others and give us a boost to reach our goal. With a young and energetic team, Sal-Tech brings you these 10 reasons why you should join us.


1. Training and development


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We cultivate and train aspiring professionals. Never keeping a blind eye in the potential of an individual to be more and challenging the right candidates/ employees to expand their field also deepening their knowledge, to aid both personal and professional growth.


2. Amiable colleagues


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There’s nothing more motivating than coworkers who makes you hyped up even on Mondays. Sal-Tech team is group of entrepreneurial people who also loves fun and a good talk once in a while. We not just do business, in STG, we create relationships.

3. Openness for creativity and innovation


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Always wondering if you could speak your inner voice? We give employees an environment full of ideas and areas for contribution. We all have our strengths and weaknesses and Sal-Tech ensures we optimize our team to work and achieve goals beyond supposed limits. Our mind is boundless and so are our passion to excel in what we do. Sal-Tech team fosters creativity and innovation like a vast universe with new learnings and experiences as we come by.

4. Goal-Oriented Organization


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We know what we needed to do and why. If not, we ask and make things clear. After all, successful people achieves greatness through SMART goals and as a leader of automation, we are certain to DEAL with what is at hand and venture beyond that line of standards and trends. Fostering leaders equipped with wise words and thoughts for the next generation.


5. Cultural diversity (get to work with people around the world)


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Get a chance to work with people from different continents! Enhancing your knowledge in communicating effectively with our partners all around the world and get to know different culture and beliefs, Sal-Tech never limits you with just the ordinary.

6. Trustworthy and Honest


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Being honest is not at all bad with a balance of respect. As an affluent team of honesty, we provide you a trustworthy management that aims to gratify and motivate diligent workers for a smooth sailing operation.

7. Acknowledgment of work done


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As a technological advanced company, we move forward by our fellows’ achievements; hence, we recognize such leaps of originality and innovation to inspire more crazy ideas that is never out of the question.

8. Flexible


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Being in a busy world with too much stressors everywhere, Sal-Tech gives you freedom to have a flexible schedule so you’ll be at par with your personal responsibilities, henceforth, providing more gap rather than a thin line between work and life. We take care of our people so our people could take care of our clients.


9. Respectable Leaders


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Leaders - they walk with you and not boss you around, they develop not maintain, and they innovate not just directs. We do all have responsibilities to carry but no one is too good nor too wise as we have our differences and corporate responsibility that we utilize for the development of our organization, just like our respective leaders who always challenges for the growth of everyone.

10. Math Based Strategic Company


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A team driven to work with facts and numbers. We live in acquiring and forecasting using figures and analytics for the future of our company. We cautiously deal with significant company affairs by planning procedures, documenting processes, and evaluating resolutions – noting that all have quantitative data as basis.


Listed now are what we have to offer for an aspiring professional with passion to learn more and dare more. Sal-Tech assures selecting candidates with motivation not just from monetary benefits but are also inspired by their inner values, equipped with a mind that ponders and encouraged with an inspiration bigger than their own.