Packaging is the finishing touch to any product. It’s one of the last steps in the production line and the first feature your customer sees upon delivery. Not only that, a good stretch wrap protects your pallets from:

  • damage 

  • dust 

  • other tapering

Wrapping pallets isn’t complicated, but it does take careful consideration of your business’s entire process. From there, it’s a matter of finding what works best in your production line. The Rotary arm type pallet wrapper offers the best solution to wrap your products, the rotary arm alone has a rotation diameter that could wrap packages for various pallet sizes.

The Rotary type concept keeps the load to be wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotates around the load to apply the stretch film. This method of applying the stretch film is designed for the following types of pallet loads:

  • Extremely Heavy Pallet Loads: Where supporting the weight using a rotating table is not practical.

  • Tall Pallet Loads: Where the risk of the turntable rotation destroying the load prevents using a turntable model.

  • Very Light Pallet Loads: Light loads can fall apart on a Rotary Turntable Machine whereas the Rotary Arm model keeps this load stationary for easier wrapping.

  • Unstable Pallet Loads: Mixed product loads or loads that are naturally unstable or poorly constructed cannot be rotated and thus are a perfect fit for the Rotary Arm Style Stretch Wrapper.

  • Washdown Environments: Unlike Rotary Turntable Machines, there are no drives or components at floor level. The Rotary Arm model enables you to raise the film carriage up out of the way and proceed with wash-down without issue. 

Unlike other machines that use ramps or turntable, it is very practical to prefer using the Rotary type take for example the E3 Wrap 2100 Rotary type pallet wrapper, it is designed as a space saver equipment since ramp is no longer needed for wrapping which leaves an open and unobstructed floor and also you no longer exert effort or strength to place your pallet up the ramp on to the turntable. It can be easily be parked in the hallways and takes up very little space, in short it is very safe and effortless to use.

No obstructions on the floor, can be easily parked in the hallways and takes up very little space.