It is the E3 Wrap 2100 Semi-Automatic Wrapper. This could wrap more than a hundred pallets in a single work shift providing you neatly packed pallets ready for distribution. This leads to satisfied customers that would be reminded how great their package arrived in their door steps. And those satisfied customers become your regular customers. It is a win-win situation, right?  Also, sizes would not be a problem for you because this wrapper is suitable for any dimensions. You just have to put in your item and the E3 Wrap 2100 would do the wrapping.

Want to reduce labor exhaustion? The ergonomic design of this E3 Wrap 2100 is what you need. It has lightweight materials and rolls that are easy to lift. This does not just save you from labor exhaustion but also from too much cost and time wasted because this is Engineered to wrap items for 1-2 minutes at an affordable price. It is very effective; it improves overall performance and secures the quality of the product.