What is an E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet Wrapper and What are the different types of E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet Wrapper? 

E3 Wrap 2100 Semi- Automatic Pallet Wrapper is a pallet wrapper that is made of 95% recycled materials and wraps more than 100 pallets in a single work shift that provides a clean finished package. These pallets have an ergonomic design that has lightweight materials and rolls that are easy to lift that can reduce labour exhaustion, wasted time and unnecessary cost because it has a 1-2 minute wrapping procedure. It is very effective, secures the quality of the products and improves overall performance of your wrapping situation.  The E3 Wrap 2100 is an eco friendly machine, has no weight limit therefore any package is possible. 

The different types of E3 Wrap 2100 Pallet Wrapper:


  •       E3 Wrap 2100 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper with Height Sensor

-       This E3 Wrap 2100 pallet wrapper is best for companies that want to experience a semi- automated packaging solution that gives you a height sensor. 

  •       E3 Wrap 2100 Euro / Easy / Largo / Mega Wrapper in a box Semi Automatic Pallet Wrapper

This Pallet wrapper helps you find the best size of pallet film that suits your taste. You can choose Euro if you want the cheapest semi-automatic pallet wrapper that can do a EURO Pallet that is 2200 mm high.