STEP Kronos H-46

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A world-class battery powered strapping tool. With flexible settings, wide tension range, and the ability to accommodate both PP and PET strapping.

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ideal for a wide range application in all industries and sectors. STEP Kronos H-46A & STEP Kronos H-46B delivers the highest productivity and performance to meet the customers' packaging needs. STEP Kronos H-46A is suitable for Light & Universalapplication while STEP Kronos H-46B is suitable for Heavy industry application both products are handy to use in iron, textile, foodstuff, merchandise and other related products for strapping.


  • Easy operation
  • Digital touch panel
  • Wide tension force range
  • Friction weld sealing
  • Bosch battery and charger
  • No adjustment required for different strap thickness
  • Brushless motor technology
  • Robust housing
  • erfect balance and ergonomic design
  • Energy saving mode


  • Suspension bracket
  • Bottom base wearing protection plate

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