STEP JDC 13 Strapping Hand Tool

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STEP JDC 13 is a battery powered plastic strapping equipment for a broad array of application in a pool of industry. This is specifically fitting for PP and/or PET straps measuring 13mm in width.

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A portable handheld strapping tool that aids in strapping variety of products without the use of fasteners rather friction welding for a more durable seal that ensures security of goods upon distribution or transportation. This equipment meets the requirement of straps with width of 13mm.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Lightweight Mass: Its body is designed using high quality alloy materials and plastics promoting durability
2. Friction and Welding Seal: It uses friction weld sealing for a more durable lock
3. Safe to Use: A handheld device that cultivates high safety performance
4. Battery Powered: A battery powered tool for compactness whenever needed, with 100-220 loops strapped when charged 90 minutes
5. Portable: Materials being lightweight makes it simple to move and operate without exerting much effort from user/operator
6. Suitable for 13mm strap width



JDC 13


Blackish Green

Strap Size Requirement:

Width: 13mm

Thickness: 0.5mm – 1.0mm

Strap Requirement:

PP or PET Straps are applicable

Tension Force:

2800N (Maximum)

Machine Weight:



340mm x 130mm x 120mm


Lithium battery 3.0A/h12VCD


100V, 245CAC, 50-60Hz

DC12.6V = 4.0A

Charging Time:

90 minutes of charging can strap 100 – 220 loops


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