STEP SK26-1A Bag Closing Machine

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STEP SK26-1A bag closing sewing machine is handheld or wire hanged bag closing sewing machine, that closes your bags and sacks at a very reliable speed and maximum quality assurance. Normal price 572,89 USD.

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Main Features
The STEP SK26-1A is one of the most popular bag closing machines in the market. It has an anti-blocking oil tube fit with felt and a spring, as well as a built-in thumb oiler and a chain cutter.

The alloy aluminum die casting housing makes this bag sewing machine very lightweight, so you can use it for an extended period of time. However, the machine can also be operated while hanged on a wire.

Operated only by one person and very easy to use. Just use the left hand to hold the bag and the right hand to hold sewing machine. Press the switch lightly and the machine will move on the bag, the operation should be smooth. The thread will be cut automatically once the bag has gone through all the way. 

Technical Data

Dimensions 300x300x200mm
Net weight 5,6 gk
Needle DNx1 NO.5
Electrical supply 230V 50Hz one phase, Siemens Plug or Request for other Voltage version
Max speed 1250 rpm
Stitch lenght 6,5 mm
Type of needle NO. 25
Sewing thread 20 count, six-p, VPAF yarn

STEP SK26-1A brochure

In this document you will find information on the STEP SK26-1A sewing machine.

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