Automatic Shrink Packaging Machines


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STEP L-4535 Fully Automatic Sealing Machine



An automatic L-bar sealing machine that can seal goods without much aid of an operator. This can be integrated with existing automatic production line to optimize efficiency of production.

More details

STEP L-4535 is most suitable for automatically packing goods and produce that is mass manufactured by industries such as printing, greeting cards, color boxes, photo albums, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, cosmetics, food, and more. Engineered to automate feeding, loading, sealing, and shrinking all at once, the equipment also offers a modifiable length so to fit dimension of goods being processed. Utilizing and optimizing the production line for a higher rate output – meeting demand.

Taking you to the next level with its:

1. Durable Components: Parts are imported, robust and reliable
2. Cutter: Cutter coating is with Du Pont Teflon, it is resistant to heat and is anti-adhering
3. Adaptable Sensor: Installed horizontal and vertical sensor
4. Easy to Operate
5. Automatic Feeding: Feeding of products is robotic in nature, this has a waste film colleting system as well
6. Product Length Adjustable: Length of product can be adjusted automatically by sensor and timer
7. Protection on Products during Processes
8. Safety System
9. Alarm System

Dimension (LWH) 1830mm x 850mm x 1550mm
Weight 250kg
Model L-4535
Packaging Size (LWH) L+H ≤ 450mm and W+H ≤ 350mm
Speed 1 – 25 pieces per minute
Power Supply 220V/380V 50/60Hz 3 Ph
Cutter Size 550mm x 450mm
Power 2kW
Air Compression 5.5kg/cm3
Max Current 10A

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