Battery and Pneumatic Strapping Hand tools

STEP delivers battery powered and pneumatic hand strapping devices for general strapping applications. These equipment are ...

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    STEP Kronos H46-13 commonly on stock
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    A world-class battery powered strapping tool. With flexible settings, wide tension range, and the ability to accommodate both PP and PET strapping.

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    STEP JDC 13 is a battery powered plastic strapping equipment for a broad array of application in a pool of industry. This is specifically fitting for PP and/or PET straps measuring 13mm in width.

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    STEP JDC 16 is a strapping tool equipped with battery and a lightweight design providing assurance when it comes to portability and easy use. Engineered particularly matching 16mm wide PP and/or PET straps.

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    Spring balancer made for STEP SK26-1A, STEP N600A and most other sewing and bag closing machines, making it easier to handle and lift it.

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