Packaging of Food

Packaging machines that are applicable for food products requires a clean environment, tools, and machines so to preserve the integrity ...

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    STEP bag blower HBB is a bag opening machine suitable for filling breads and buns in a pre-made wicket bag. This is also improved with a capacity to be integrated to a production line – closing the bag or set after the out feed of a bread slicer. ...

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    Electric Film Hand Wrapper designed to pack trays of food items with food film to prolong the life of the food and keep a professional look.

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    The STEP ME-500WD can preserve the natural freshness of the food. Wrapping preserves the food longer, extends the shelf life and deters pilferage. It also protects the products from dirt and impurities, thus enhancing the appearance and integrity ...

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    Energy saving film hand wrapper, operates without the use of electricity, suitable to use for packaging food to preserve the freshness taste, appearance and smell.

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