Bag Sealers and Heat Sealable Plastic Bags

Impulse sealers or more commonly known as Bag Sealers or Heat Sealers are used for sealing PE, OPP or other heat sealable bags by welding the plastic together. A Bag Sealer is characterized by ...


  • Hand Impulse Sealers

    Hand Operated Impulse Sealers for the welding and sealing a variety of plastic materials. These Impulse Sealers comes in a variety of features. A standard sealer only offers the sealing function of a compatible heat sealable bag, there are also models with a built-in cutter.

  • Automatic Impulse Sealers

    Automatic Impulse Sealers features functionalities where you can easily set the welding, refrigeration and contact time. It allows the user to work with both hands and free to hold and place the item or the bag between the seal bars.

  • Foot Stand Sealer

    Foot stand sealers for welding upright standing bags and sacks or even panels or similar were yo need the welder to grip from above. 

  • I-Bar Impulse Sealers

    An array of impulse sealer for shrink packaging that meets business needs in terms of measurement. These tools sizes from 450mm to 1000mm to fit industrial requirements. Warming up without the risk of operator injury, merchandise damages, and unnecessary environmental consequences. Relaying a clean and professional packaging for the satisfaction of both workers and customers. It has a high performance to vale ratio securing the economical value.

  • Band Sealer

    This range of STEP Banding Sealers are suitable for food or non-food package sealing and its heating system is applicable for thermoplastic bag of 0.02 to 0.08 in thickness. Such varieties are designed to lift the production rate of the manufacturing plant so to optimize the efficiency of the sealing operations as well as eliminate downtime. Providing a cost effective and safe environment for the wellbeing of the laborers.

  • Bags for Sealers

    LDPE heat sealable bags, zipperbags with or without writting feild, OPP bags with glue closing, bubble envolopes for protection of your products, whatever your need check our range.

  • Bag and Sack closers with tape

    Sal-Tech Easy Packaging bag closers are of quality and imported raw materials to secure the reliability of the device without decrease on its performance pretty fast. A knife or a serrated cutter is also installed for an easier process when it comes to closing or sealing pre-made plastic bags. Making sure that the goods remain its freshness and eliminating external contaminants to corrupt the produce’s substantial form.

  • Sack Tiers

    Drill Tool and wires for sack/bag closing.

  • Packaging of Food

    Packaging machines that are applicable for food products requires a clean environment, tools, and machines so to preserve the integrity of such consumable goods as well as achieve the standards of food handling. These category offers wrapping equipment that aids in protecting food from dirt and contamination as well as a bag opener for easy wrapping of bread and buns with a pre-made wicket bag. Designed to maintain the goods’ natural quality without asking much in cost or maintenance while saving long term demands.

  • Pharmaceutical Sealers

    Pharmaceutical sealers are made especially for the higher demands to easy to clean with alcohol, demand fop validation of sealing and so forth, within the pharmaceutical and similar business area.

  • Tube Film on rolls

    Tube film is used for making bags og desired length, chosing the width of the roll as the width of the bag. Our standard range cover with from 40 to 1000mm and thickness 50, 100 and 150 my, but special thinckess can be produced to order. 

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    Impulse foot sealer. Easy to use as you have both hands free for holding the bag or product.

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    Double Impulse Foot Sealer, for heavy duty sealing applications and easy to use as both hands are free.

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    STEP bag blower HBB is a bag opening machine suitable for filling breads and buns in a pre-made wicket bag. This is also improved with a capacity to be integrated to a production line – closing the bag or set after the out feed of a bread slicer. ...

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    The STEP ME-500WD can preserve the natural freshness of the food. Wrapping preserves the food longer, extends the shelf life and deters pilferage. It also protects the products from dirt and impurities, thus enhancing the appearance and integrity ...

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    STEP ME-300LP L-Bar Bag Sealer provides one-step shrink wrap sealing that is fast and reliable. Compatible for use with PP, PVC, PE heat sealable materials.

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    I-Bar Impulse Sealers

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    Industrial grade band sealer  for sealing thermoplastic materials fast and easy. Durable machine that is easy to use and has CE marking.

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    Industrial grade band sealer with print function for sealing thermoplastic materials fast and easy. Durable machine that is easy to use and has C E marking.

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