Pallet Wrapping Machines & Stretch Film

Wrapping palletized goods with guarantee of stabilizing the pallet during distribution and/or transport. These machines are specially engineered to professionally wrap huge pallets ...


  • Stretch Film, Machine and ...

    Stretch films are available in many different varieties, but using a Pallet Wrapping Machine requires a tensioning control that has the proper aggregate in order to drive the individual sheets. Running an expensive film on a low-end aggregate makes no sense, it would be just a waste of film. Machine Stretch Film can be stretched from 120% to 150% to 280%, 300% and up to 400%. The cheapest pallet wrapping is achieved by using typically the most expensive film. It can be stretched further and is thereby more economical.

  • Hand Wrap Film and Tools

    Hand Films are fast, small investment, flexible, but can take a long time to wrap just one pallet. If you are wrapping many pallets, you should consider an investment in a Pallet Wrapping Machine which in turn can easily pay for itself for it can halve the film cost and improve the working environment significantly. Another way is to invest in E3Wrap 2100 pallet wrapping machine, which is a novelty on the way.

  • Semi Automatic Pallet ...

    STEP Pallet Wrapping Machines produced on in Taiwan or China have just gotten better and better since they were introduced many years ago.

  • Options and Data Captures ...

    Adding up to pallet wrapping efficiency, STEP provides an option for a weighing system installment to simultaneously weigh palletized goods and wrap said loads of boxes with stretch film. Making a time managed operation without having the need to move pallet boxes more frequently than this effective solution whilst eliminating the exhaustion brought about by lifting heavy packages from one place to another.

  • Top film & Dispensers

    Top film is used either to produce a water-tight or water-proof wrapping. Applied to a pallet wrap which requires a waterproof protection. The machine has this feature where the machine will wrap from bottom to top and then slightly back down and stops the sequence. The film is manually placed before you restart the winding process, the machine wraps the pallet again starting from the top also down to the bottom before it stops. We produce two types of manual Top Film Dispensers, and a Fully Automatic type for direct installation in the wrapping area. The said automatic wrapper is currently in development, for more information regarding this product, please contact us.

  • Coil Wrapping
  • Fully Automatic Pallet ...

    STEP and our partners has bridged together bringing you ground-breaking technologies for a semi-automated or fully automated manufacturing plant. With a wide variety of machines of partner company, STEP initially made our partners wrapping equipment available for high standard pallet wrapping requirements – ensuring quality is at its best. The primary tools, Model 200 and TRM500L, are conceptualized to be used with simplicity and are installed with 4 to 10 wrapping programs, making it easier for processes to be integrated. Concurrently, the series of solution is to spread ferociously with the promise of providing reliability, productivity, and efficiency.

  • Built to order
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    STEP Weighing System for Pallet Wrapping Machines. The STEP weighing system is designed for Pallet Wrapping Machines and can be adapted to most of our Pallet Wrapper Series. Get deals on complete turnkey installation by Sal-Tech Easy Packaging. ...

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    A faster way to pallet wrap palletized products, this E3 WRAP 2100 DUO is a combination of 2 E3 WRAP 2100. Making way for a quicker production for distribution industries or the likes, this also features simple user interface for basic operation, ...

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  • 29,000.00 DKK

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    A machine that secures time doing wrapping process is used effectively and efficiently with its built-in measuring scale. This eliminates non-productivity as it can simultaneously wrap the pallet that is supposed to be packaged as well as weigh ...

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  • 8,990.00 DKK

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    STEP E3 EURO WRAP - Unique concept, Easy to install Stretch film pallet wrapper. A Egonomic, Economic and Environmental correct machine to have for wrapping your outgoing pallets in ANY INDUSTRY. Proven quality in Denmark, now worldwide.

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  • 16,000.00 DKK

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    E3 WRAP 2100 is an all-around semi-automatic pallet wrapper which ensures quality and quantity packaging of wide range pallet wrapping requirements. Easy to operate and no difficult training needed with its simple user interface and functions. An ...

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  • 18,000.00 DKK

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    The best semi-automatic pallet wrapper for larger diameter pallet needs. An easier way to package massive palletized goods and secures simple maintenance without much on handling cost. Engineered with extra protection features that keeps both the ...

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    Go automatic with the STEP Model TRM500L. Designed for various business pallet wrapping requirements.

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    Semi-auto Pallet Wrapper Mechanical Brake offers the best value for factory operators to increase worker efficiency and reduce labor.

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    This machine has been specially developed for very high capacity and faster wrapping speed. Reliability, robustness, quality and flexibility are the essential characteristics of this machine.

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