Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine and There uses

Strapping Machine are used to make Packages, Bundles, Metal tubes and Boxes held tight strongly together. This machine has materials of rolls called Strapping that is dispensed to seal around the Packages, Bundles, Metal tubes and Boxes. Strapping Machine is the one who make the strap hold the product together. Strapping are important primarily purposes of shipping products that needs to held together for better spacing.

Strapping Machines and Industries who uses it

There are many Industries who uses Strapping Machines that recommends strapping for their product such as: Commercial Workers, Lumber Industry, Printing Industry, General Packaging, Food processing Industry, Magazine and Newspaper Printing company, Postal Industry, Paper and Merchandise Industry and other Industries that requires a small amount of strapping for their products.


The volume level is the amount that these machines will be used. Most of the Small and micro Businesses that is limited on shipping requirement or packaging needs in terms of goods might use a semi-automatic low volume strapping machine. And other small to medium size company to has consistent shipping, but not a mass amount of production, shipping or packaging might use the semi-automatic moderate volume strapping machines. Mass production or packaging, like postal offices, shipping companies, or a widely distributed newspaper company would probably use a fully automatic high-volume strapper.

Plastic, Metal, Ultra band Steel replacement Materials and more options are the main materials of Strapping. It depends on the Items that are need to be Strapped and Packaged and shipped, Materials are varied depending on the Items packaging requirements. Plastics straps are made usually of polypropylene, these materials are for light to medium packages and unit bundles. Strapping comes in different sizes. Typically ranges from Sizes 3/16 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch.

Strapping Machines are Useful and very Convenient, Useful in manufacturing, Shipping, and Merchandising Industries. Pricing of Strapping machines as well as Strapping Packages varies from models and varies from companies. Sal-Tech Easy Packaging offers wider varieties of Strapping machine. To Manual Strapping Machines, Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine and Fully-Automatic Strapping Machine.