STEP PD-304 Vertical Paper Film Dispenser +

STEP PD-304 Vertical Paper Film Dispenser

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The basic choice for a vertical paper or film dispenser. Roll diameter of 230mm and width of 910mm matches this equipment for an efficient operation reducing uneven cutting and/or material waste.

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STEP PD-304 is designed with a serrated cutter for a smooth and swift operation. It is also engineered to be mounted at any flat surface while keeping a stable base. This is appropriate for roll diameter of 230mm and a roll width of 910mm. This tool accommodates one roll at a time, simply tearing your film or paper with a professional edge compared to manual processing.

• 230mm Diameter x 675mm Width - STEP PD-300 (item code: 44230300)
• 230mm Diameter x 1220mm Width - STEP PD-307 (item code: 44230307)
• Can be fitted with wheels and brake

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