STEP TP-702CQ Corrugated Strapping Machines with 4-Sides Squaring Function

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STEP TP-702CQ is a strapping machine with 4-Side Squaring function that is highly recommended for corrugated industry bundling requirements. Securing boxes are tightly and professionally packaged using PP straps, this also enhances packaging efficiency.

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STEP TP-702CQ is a STEP TP-702C design with added 4-Side Bundle Squaring feature that enables high side squaring, backstop, and pusher for quality corrugated strapping. Its strap ejector aids in eradicating downtime for a better productivity rate. With functions such as its Siemens PLC Control and Free Access to Strap Guides making it easier to preserve machine quality operation.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Strapping Head: Strapping head is crafted without belts, clutches, or pulleys but uses the latest motor technology providing reliability and accuracy. A compact design requiring less maintenance and cost due to its fewer components.
2. Siemens PLC Control: Function for easy use whenever operating, maintaining, and programming
3. Free Access to Strap Guides: This feature enables fast access to strap guides making a friendly design for maintenance
4. 4-Side Squaring Bundle Control: Armed with side squaring function, backstop and a pusher preparing bundle for professional and quality strapping
5. Hinged roller table: Upkeep of table top is simple as it is easy to open and of ergonomic design
6. Auto Strap Ejector: Automatic strap ejectors helps in eliminating downtime as it dispels unnecessary straps mechanically
7. Patented Jammed-Strap Ejection Device: Jammed strap ejection aids in getting rid of blocked straps easily
8. Full-Width Pneumatic Press: Makes movement of pneumatic press steady and reliable at its best
9. Multiple Strap Function: Choice of single, double, continuous strapping, or transit mode
10. Variable Conveyor Speed: A fully automatic design with conveyor speed of 15 to 60 meters per minute
11. Strap End Ejector: An easy to clean component, this makes next coil change simple as it ejects end of strap from strap feeding
12. Adjustable Pressure on Press and Squaring: Modifiable for different bundle needs


Electrical Requirement

220V, 380V, 400V, 415V 50/60Hz 3PH


17 bundles/minute (single strap)

13 bundles/minute (double straps)

Arch Size

TP-702CQ-L, 1650 mm(W) x 450 mm(H)

TP-702CQ-M, 1250 mm(W) x 450 mm(H)

Strap Width

5mm, 6mm, 9mm

Strap Type

PP Strap

Tension Range

1kg – 32kg

Bundle Weight Maximum


Bundle Size Minimum (LxWxH)

350mm x 200mm x 50mm

Transport Speed

15M – 60M/minute

• Light Tree alarm with low strap sensor (triple lamp)
• LCD display for squaring position setup
• Foot pedal switch

Available in different models:
STEP TP-702C, Corrugated Strapping Machines
STEP TP-702CCQ, Corrugated 3-Side Bundle Squaring and Strapping System

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