STEP MODEL 900 Semi Automatic Robotic Stretch/Pallet Wrapper Machine

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STEP Model 900 is a semi-automatic stretch pallet wrapping machine suitable with using PE stretch films. An operator is required for the complete operation of this equipment, it keeps wrapping applications optimized with its automatic height detector and rotary arm, in turn lessening the effort of workers in the warehouse when it comes to stretch wrapping of pallets compared to manual procedures.

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This semi-automatic pallet wrapping equipment caters to businesses with basic to heavy duty pallet wrapping requirements using PET and PP film measuring 500mm in film width. Enhancing the packaging processes as it provides efficient and reliable process, also optimizing procedures with its software designed which is user-friendly for maintenance and operations.

Taking you to the next level with its:
1. Height Detection Sensor: It automatically senses the pallet height utilizing the film for wrapping
2. Modifiable speed of film carriage and rotary arm: Speed is adjustable to desired quickness
3. Modifiable Wrap Cycle: Top and Bottom wraps and cycles may be programed and adjusted from the control panel
4. Display: Easy to use control panel for maintenance and operation
5. With START and STOP beacon
6. Security System
7. Ignition Key: This ignition key is an anti-theft feature
8. Battery: Analog type of battery is installed
9. Adjustable tracer wheel
10. Battery Saving: It has a Control Battery Life to optimize the battery charging cycle
11. Safety System: Halts its operation when there is a blockage



Up until 15 pallets per hour

Display Panel

PLC Control

Battery Capacity

More than 300 pallets

Wrapping Direction


Pallet Height (Maximum)


Film Type


Film Width


Film Thickness

Up until 50 microns

STEP Item No.


Special Heights 2.800mm



• Height of 2800mm
• Powered pre-stretching with anti-entanglement (200%, 300%, 400%)

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