STEP MODEL 500 Semi Automatic Turntable Pallet/Stretch Wrapper with Cutting System and Clamp

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STEP Model 500 is a semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine with an installed turntable, cutting system and clamp. Ensuring a more reliable and efficient operation during pallet wrapping applications. With a design that makes it easy to repair, maintain, and operate.

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This STEP Model 500 is a more efficient option when it comes to choosing a pallet wrapping machine since it has a more automaticprocessing unlike other semi-automatic pallet wrappers. Built with a pallet height detector, this equipment also finishes procedures with its cutter system without the need for an operator to do so. Lastly, it clamps the film prepared for the next operation. The turntable speed may be adjustable as desired. Engineered to raise cost effectivity and productivity in the warehouse.


Taking you to the next level with its:

  1.        Durable Design: Engineered for consistency, cost effectivity, and reliability
  2.        Display: LCD touch screen for easy operation and maintenance
  3.        Operation Control: PLC with LCD display feature gives way for a more efficient repair processing
  4.        Electric Cabinet: Central connection of programming and transport that prides itself since it is user-friendly
  5.        Inverters: Controlled by inverters when it comes to movement the machine makes, creating progressive movement
  6.        Rotary Collector: This function has several advantages that continues to secure machine’s long service life and low wear tracks without intermediate connection boxes
  7.        CE Certification: Compliant to CE rules and regulations, equipping a safe and secured operation


  •          Powered top platen
  •          Powered film pre-stretch
  •          Height of 2800mm or 3000mm
  •          Turntable of 2000mm, 2400mm, or 3000mm in core
  •          Weight of 3000kg
  •          Top sheet dispenser
  •          Special working conditions
  •          Thermo sealing
  •          Scale with display
  •          Load detection options
  •          Direct film brake
  •          Mechanical film brake


  •          Stainless Steel 430, 304
  •          Explosion Proof
  •          Subzero Temperatures

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