STEP VFFS 620.1 & STEP VFFS 620.2 +

STEP VFFS 620.1 & STEP VFFS 620.2

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A VFFS Bagging Machine designed for high performance, fast economical and Robust and sanitary design suitable for a wide range of challenging industries from packing Snacks, Candy, Nuts, Seeds, Fresh Salad, Fruits, Pet Foods, Medical and Pharmaceutical Products.

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STEP VFFS 620.1 & STEP VFFS 620.2 are highly flexible machines, has excellent performance. It is designed to pack bags with a Width as much as 300mm with a Volume of up to 6 Liters, weights between 20-2500 grams. Makes vacuum packing and uses Gusseted, Pillow bags, High End components, equipped with PLC with Touch Screen Display, CE Compliant and requires little maintenance.


  •          Stainless Steel Construction #304 on Parts and Electrical Cabinet
  •          Has Various Operational Languages such as English and others
  •          One Piece Forming Set, easy to change and size to be specified
  •          Machine Auto Stops during End Film detection
  •          Eye Mark Controlled bag length
  •          Pneumatic Sealing
  •          Seals Laminated Films and Polythene Films
  •          Date Coder Included
  •          Up to 50 Programs can be Selected
  •          Synchronization for most weighing and dosing system

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